An Inherited Love for Flowers

  I was born into a flower family. I grew up in Lily’s Garden, the flower shop my mother owned in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I spent my childhood surrounded by the fresh smells of flowers and playing hide and seek in the large coolers. My mother is well-known for her gorgeous flower arrangements and I always loved seeing what she would create. At times my sisters and I would try to contribute, crafting our own flower arrangements with mix-matched colors and very unique shapes. My appreciation of flowers was planted by my mother and from there Afloristsdaughter was born.

  Afloristsdaughter aims to preserve the beauty of time through nature and floral preservation. Compared to other plants, blooming flowers have a shorter life span. Capturing blooms in their peak represents the magical duality between beauty and time. Through delicate jewelry and bolder home decor, Afloristsdaughter hopes to replicate the diversity of the natural world.

    This work connects me to the beginning cycle of my life. Founded in 2018, I was seeking this nostalgia, the feeling of freshness, connection, and joy. I love preserving nature because it preserves the most precious memories and feelings. I am hopeful I can share this connection with you.
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